locked Welcome to eu 2000i at hondagenerator@groups.io


Welcome to #eu #2000i at #hondagenerator@groups.io

Hey welcome to the new 2000i group!
lots of changes will happen in the next month!!
promote our new group!!
also see our group pages too!!
lots of old and new files and photos on the way!!
grab your tea, hot coco, or coffee and sit back and have fun!!
hey look we now have a live chat too!! kinda cool!!
and an alt to the phone!!
however I still do free phone help!!
nice for when the gen is down and you need it fast!!

also I did purchase a brand new high power ultrasonic cleaner late oct 2019!!
so I am able once again to help on pesky carb issues on expensive carbs!!
donation to the garage fund as well as return 16.00 shipping is a must on those.

however tori from the group has had 2 of his pesky yamagen carbs done and they worked perfect!!

I just ran a eu3000i carb 1st nov 2019 and it worked on it as well!!

I shot a short couple of videos... but it was dark out in the late night carb session..

still working on getting a good camera setup for some weekly tech tips videos.

stay tuned!!
more good stuff on the way!!

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