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eu1000i eu2000i eu2200i all eu3000i series eu7000is generators and connection to your backup system!
As well as general generator repair of other brands!
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Click here for the honda parts pages and test gear for testing and repair of generators

A safe place for those with a Honda generator and other brands to discuss features, tips, and accessories for getting the most out of these units. watch the Honda youtube videos below for setup on the eu series gens

click here for honda eu 1000 2000 2200 setup

click here for honda eu 1000 2000 2200 operation

Below are the links for the new open for members forum posting sub groups;
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honda eu1000i forum
honda eu2000i forum
honda eu2200i forum
honda eu3000i and handi 3000i forum
honda eu6000i forum
honda eu7000is forum
honda general generator repair forum
All other brands forum  all other brands of generators q&a tips and tricks as well as other brands modifications
generator biz, camper, home, connection or tie in forum
generator tri fuel and bi fuel natural gas, liquid propane, forum
Generator extended run gasoline systems
Be prepared section tips and tricks for when things go bad and links
Learn about:

Owner made and commercially available paralleling kits

Commercially available and owner-assembled auxiliary extended run fuel tanks

Tips for maintenance and service

Grid tie in for backup power.

How you get the most out of your generator!

we are keeping this an secure G rated safe family site.

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