locked sticky running on lp or natural gas issues


as long as you  run real good quality 5-30 oil and use the better spark iridium plug gapped at .020in
that eliminates most issues.
and run a magnetic dip stick to help keep the trash out of the open bearings.
I have links for the parts at
as well as links for good ultrasonic cleaner units for those having issues with carbs.
and a few tips and tricks for cleaning a carb.

carbs are an issue right now when on the current gasoline fuel are the worst issue right now...
unless you use a good fuel stabilizer for gasoline they gum up bad during storage.
or do a total drain of the gasoline after any use..

just hit your service marks with a good oil on your oil change with the magnetic dip stick and you are set.
and yes full synthetic oil rocks!! now that it is lower cost. just change it often !

and remember to clean the muffler screen at least every other oil change!!
that is the number one killer of an honda engine!!

thanks Paul in Iowa
group owner https://hondagenerator.groups.io
and see the group site for help pages and manuals at